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We’re currently in the process of setting up the Leica Eyecare Partner program in Europe. We intentionally opted for selective distribution that focuses on the needs of the wearer. It’s very important to us that partner opticians provide support and advice, as it allows us to offer truly unique products and services. That’s why we apply the same standards of excellency to our lenses as we do to customer satisfaction. Please provide us with your contact address. Our customer service will then inform you of your nearest partner.


Monovid Drive and Variovid Drive

Decode the road


Monovid Drive (single vision lens) and Variovid Drive (progressive lens) are together the Leica Eyecare product series for drivers. These two lens types combine increased comfort day and night with a special geometry that allows the wearer to better perceive their surroundings.

Who are Drive lenses suitable for?

Who are Drive lenses suitable for?

These lenses are the ideal solution for everyone who drives frequently and would like to reduce eye fatigue for a safer and more relaxing drive.
The driver continuously requires distance vision for navigating the route and traffic, near vision for the dashboard and peripheral vision for the side-view mirrors – all at the same time.
Constantly switching back and forth between perspectives and fluctuating lighting conditions during the day and at night can be tiring for the driver and thus reduce alertness.
Leica Eyecare’s Drive lenses improve the driver’s visual perception in all conditions.

A specific design

A specific design

The lenses of the Drive series are designed to follow the driver’s continuous eye movements and thus reduce accommodation at all times. Unlike conventional lenses, Drive lenses expand the field of vision in near and medium-range vision.
The design is also a perfect fit for driving requirements. Thanks to specific measurements (BVD (back vertex distance), FFA (frame front angle), PT (pantoscopic tilt)), the lenses are fully customized to meet the needs of the wearer.

Reduce glare

Reduce glare

All Drive lenses feature the Aquadura® Drive coating: this exclusive anti-reflection coating drastically reduces glare caused by vehicle headlights, which is especially helpful when it comes to the latest generation of LED and Xenon headlights.
For people who drive during the day, the option of polarizing lenses helps prevent the disastrous effect of light reflection. They increase the driver’s visual comfort and improve perception of contrasts.
With the photochromic option, lenses alter their tint intensity based on the lighting conditions, even from behind the windshield.

The exclusive Leica Eyecare warranty

The exclusive Leica Eyecare warranty

Leica Eyecare frees you from the everyday concerns of a spectacle wearer. For the first year from the date of purchase, the entire Leica Eyecare Series has an anti-scratch guarantee. Wearers of progressive lenses will also receive replacement lenses in the event of breakage, theft or loss within 72 hours no matter where in Europe. An adaptation guarantee over six months after receiving your lenses is also part of the extensive warranty package.

Commitment to perfection that exceeds all standards

Commitment to perfection that exceeds all standards

Quality assurance is breaking new ground with Leica Eyecare.
The standards of the quality levels and inspection procedures introduced by Leica Eyecare are 20% higher than applicable European standards.
The lens manufacturing procedures enable measuring accuracy that is 100% higher than current standards, thus minimizing eye fatigue for the wearer.


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